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This website aims to help as many smokers as possible to quit smoking with the help of Tabex®

Tabex® is a plant-based supplement that has helped millions of smokers to quit smoking permanently

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Stay smokefree

Smoking a cigarette secretly in between or even going back to smoking is not a failure, but a normal part of the quitting process. Resume your plan and focus on your goals and reasons for quitting smoking for good. Understanding the challenges and prepared for them will help you become truly smokefree.

Quitting smoking can be difficult and the process can take a while. Although Tabex will help you to quit smoking, it is and remains difficult to stay smokefree.

Stay positive

The first hours, days, and even weeks without smoking can be difficult. Quitting smoking is a process and by keeping a positive outlook you can get through it day after day. Realize that there are ways to deal with strong emotions and stress other than smoking.

Suppress the urge

It’s hard to stay smokefree when the urge becomes irresistible, but the longer you don’t smoke, the more it will fade. Fighting this irresistible urge can be easier if you have a plan. Therefore, make sure you have a list of things to do if you feel like smoking. For example, you can meditate, take a few deep breaths, take a walk or whatever works for you to conquer and overcome that irresistible urge.

Know your triggers

Certain things, situations, people, and places can create a tendency to smoke, even years after you stop smoking. Triggers are things that affect you that make you want to smoke, regardless of how long you’ve been out. If you know those triggers, you are better prepared and you can learn to deal with them better.

Reward yourself

Staying smokefree is a great achievement, and like any great achievement, it comes with a reward. It is important that you reward yourself regularly. Rewards don’t have to be expensive, but with all the money you’ve saved by quitting smoking, you might get the occasional treat. If you already have a plan to quit smoking, be sure to assign some rewards to each win. If you don’t have a smoking cessation plan, it’s a good idea to get one up right away.

Ask for help

Controlling your triggers and learning to cope with your irresistible urges can be difficult, even if you’ve been smokefree for a while. Therefore, if necessary, seek help from those around you and talk to those who helped you quit smoking the first time. Your loved ones, as well as your friends, can be very helpful when you are going through a difficult time. So let them know what they can do to get you through.

Also make sure you have the Tabex app installed on your smartphone and you can fall back on it with motivational tips and tricks to help you quit smoking.

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