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This website aims to help as many smokers as possible to quit smoking with the help of Tabex®

Tabex® is a plant-based supplement that has helped millions of smokers to quit smoking permanently

Quit Smoking with Tabex | The Safe & Natural Way
Plan your quit day

Before starting your treatment, it is recommended to plan everything carefully. The treatment with Tabex lasts 25 days and it is necessary to stop smoking on the fifth day of treatment. Plan this day carefully!

Choose your quit date within a maximum of 2 weeks and do not change it. There will be always a reason to put it off. If you have a difficult moment to arrive in the short term, an unpleasant event, a stressful activity, plan your quit date after it.

The quit day is often seen as a torture and is viewed with fear and anxiety. Fortunately, it is different with Tabex because you have already unconsciously prepared your brain. It is even possible that you no longer feel like smoking at all earlier than your planned quit day.

Your quit day actually starts a day in advance. It is wise to throw away all lighters, packs of cigarettes or tobacco, ashtrays and everything that has to do with smoking.

It is also a good idea to eliminate anything permeated with smoke odors. For example, wash your car, ventilate your house, take a nice long shower before going to bed, wash your hair and prepare clean clothes for the next day.

Tell everyone that you quit smoking or that you’ve already quit. Inform your family members, friends and colleagues in time.

A golden rule is to change as much of your habits as possible on your quit day. I give you some suggestions, the top 10 tips that I have heard from patients over the years.

1. Don’t try to “don’t think about smoking,” or you’ll just think about it all day long. If the thought takes you by surprise, have something to do, get your things done, go for a walk, whatever you do, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re active.

2. Don’t worry about usual or unimportant things! The world just keeps turning, the bills continue to come as usual, during work you will always experience stress moments, and except that you have stopped smoking little will change.

3. If you are used to having breakfast at home in the morning, take your breakfast outside or vice versa.

4. Put some candies or some gums to chew on in your pocket in case you have a difficult moment.

5. During breaks at work, bring a small object to hold something in your hands and to play with.

6. Move your short coffee breaks to another time or better yet, don’t drink coffee at all.

7. If you are used to always having lunch at the same place, choose a different place or take a walk.

8. When you go to a restaurant, always order a bottle of water right away so that during quiet moments you have a distraction if you feel the urge to smoke.

9. When in company, tell everyone you have stopped smoking. This way you ensure that they do not offer you cigarettes. Obviously, it is also not recommended to accompany smokers when they go for a smoke.

10. And most importantly, take Tabex on time! The Tabex app has recently become available. This app is free and reminds you to take your pills on time. Also, you can see at a glance how much money you’ve saved and get motivational tips and tricks to help you quit smoking.

You will see that you can do all of this, even without smoking.

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